Monday, January 2, 2012

Feels Like Saturday

Or something. Not Sunday, because we didn't go to church. But not Monday, of course, because Bruce is rattling around the house. I think all holidays should be on Mondays. Fridays aren't ever that bad because you're so close to a day off and Mondays are the worst (I remember reading somewhere that there are more heart attacks on Mondays than any other day of the week). So -- take Monday off and just kind of ease back into work. Seems wise.

Well -- my Bible reading was (no surprise): Genesis 2, Ezra 2, Matthew 2, and Acts 2. What struck me today was the bit from Peter's speech in Acts where he talks about women prophesying. I am on the conservative side of the spectrum when it comes to women in the church. Not as conservative as my denomination (and it's kind of starting to bug me, to be honest). We attend a PCA church (Presbyterian Church in America). In our denomination, women are fit for nothing except teaching other women and children. Period. I think it's very clear that women were deacons in the New Testament and I think it's wrong to deny women that office. The men in the denomination seem to think it's a "slippery slope" -- allow a woman to be a deacon and before you know it they'll be infiltrating the pulpit. And I agree with our denomination -- I don't think women are called to fill a pulpit. It's the whole Christ-is-head-of-the-church thing (and the picture of that is husbands as head of the marriage). The pastor is Christ's representative, filling that shepherding role until He returns, and I don't think there is a provision in Scripture for women doing that. And I need that -- I need to see where in Scripture that's allowed since it seems to me that God goes to great pains to give us examples.

ANYWAY -- in Peter's speech he talks about women prophesying in the last days (this is a recitation of Joel's prophecy), and it got me to wondering just where they're going to be doing their prophesying. Not in a PCA church, that's for sure. :)

Okay, I have to run to the grocery store to buy supper ingredients. I'll post about it all tonight.

More later...

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