Sunday, February 12, 2012

C-c-c-c-c-cold St. Louis

47. Easy drives. Weekend drives are usually nice: not a lot of traffic on the roads. If there's no rain or snow (and there was neither today) it usually makes for a stress-free trip. I crossed the Mississippi River into St. Louis about nine hours after I pulled out of my Alabama driveway.

48. P. G. Wodehouse, whose books have been (so far) the only things I can listen to while driving (I'm blessed that he wrote a lot of 'em!). I listened to one I'd already heard on the drive up here. I think I have a new one for the ride back on Friday.

49. Wrong turns. It might have come at a better time, but I saw some interesting sites tonight. I have a Garmin GPS. My rental car has a Magellan, so I decided to use that and leave mine at home. It brought me into St. Louis and had me turn a different way and I missed it (it didn't help any that I, um, was trying to listen to the end of my audio book...). I got off and drove by the zoo -- apparently the area was also the site of the World's Fair. Anyway, it was dark and I was hungry, but it was kind of cool to drive around down there. Once it warms up a bit (I should be back in March) I'm going to go check it out for real.

50. A great grocery store, Dierberg's, near my hotel. If I can't have a Whole Foods five minutes away, Dierberg's is the next best thing.

51. There's a 90% chance of snow tomorrow: about three inches are expected. I'm SO THANKFUL I don't live in a place where it snows often (I think it has snowed twice in Alabama since I've lived there). And I'm thankful that by Wednesday the snow will be gone. :p

52. Reading in bed. G'nite!

More later...

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