Monday, February 13, 2012

Let It Snow! (Not!)

53. Okay, this one is HUGE. And I'm almost afraid to write it down for fear it will disappear on me. But here goes...

I used to be addicted to political stuff. I'd read political blogs, columnists, tweets...I would spend hours and hours every single day wallowing in it. Now -- I do think being informed is important and I also think that there are a lot of people who SHOULD spend hours and hours every single day wallowing in it. But not me. At the end of the day...every day...I would have nothing to show for the effort. And more than that, I'd have nothing of substance for MYSELF either -- because politics is like the ocean. No matter how many waves you study there is always another one coming. You can never study everything; there's always more. So I quit, cold turkey...

...and filled in the empty hours with Castleville. Castleville is one of those Facebook games -- like Farmville. And because I have an addictive personality I would play it for HOURS every day. HOURS. Leaving me with even less to show for it than when I used to spend time in politics.

Well, I quit that, cold turkey. And I've been filling in the extra time with...books!!! (And eventually I hope to fill it in with writing.) Even though books aren't tangible in the sense that I have anything to sell or look at or sit on, it's still a better use of my free time by a factor of about a million. I always wanted to do this, but my own unregenerate lazy self resisted. I can't wait to finish this post so I can get back to my book.

54. Which leads me to this: I'm thankful for John Piper. A friend at church loaned me Piper's book, Spectacular Sins. I'm sure she had a reason for loaning me this book, but I have no idea what it was. I don't remember us talking about it or anything -- she just brought the book to church one Sunday (when I was in St. Louis) and gave it to Bruce, telling him it was for me.

It's a small little book -- I started it tonight and will finish it tonight. And it's very good; everything Piper writes is very good, even blog posts and tweets. So, yes, sure, it's a gift -- but here is the bigger gift: God has really been using John Piper to speak to me. For the past six to nine months, actually. I'll be thinking about something or wrestling with something and I'll come across an article by Piper about the very thing I have been pondering (without looking for it). I noticed last summer that Piper was quoting from Chesterton's Orthodoxy when I was reading it -- we were reading it at the same time. All our lives, of course, God brings people into our orbits when we need to hear their particular message and for me, lately, that person has been John Piper. So I'm thankful for him.


More later...

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