Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moving Right Along...

7. The sounds of silence in the house at night when Bruce is asleep and everything is just mine. I am alone here during the day, too, but it is different at night. I've always been a night person; he is a creature of the day. For me the night holds mystery, but because I live in it there is also familiarity and comfort. Chesterton writes about how we all want those things -- mystery and familiarity -- and the night gives both of them to me. When I was young I would sneak out of the house late at night and run down to the corner -- the corner I passed a thousand times during the day but which became a different place at night. When we lived in Plant City I would sometimes go out at night and walk around the block; I felt completely safe there in a way I have never felt anywhere else because I knew so many people and was never more than a few houses away from a friend. That is the mystery -- the danger -- of the night. A part of me wants to be a morning person because that is what the world expects, demands -- but too much of my soul is fed in the wee small hours. The night is mine; the day belongs to everyone.

8. Sisterhood with strangers, women I have never met but who are truly sisters through our relationship with our Father. I went to the One Thousand Gifts web site and there are videos of the author discussing each chapter of her book with two other women. I had just started chapter four of the book and so I went back to chapter one, re-read it, and watched the video. Chapter two, chapter three. And these women, these strangers, share their excitement and their hope in ways that ring the truest truth and I know they want transformation for me, truly, although they don't know my name. God is so good; His mercies rain down. If He had not adopted us we would not be sisters and what a tragedy that would be.

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