Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunshine State

I was in Florida just two months ago, but it seems like I've never seen it so clearly before. This weather is perfect. Perfect. Yes, I know it gets hot in the summer (and the spring and the fall), and it's humid -- but to be honest, hot and humid sounds better and better to me these days.

67. Florida -- land of my birth, the only place that feels like home even if I don't live here. (My home in Alabama feels like home, too, but if -- when -- I move it will no longer feel that way.) I'm sorry not to come here more often, but I'm glad I can come regularly.

I finished Faulkner's Light in August. Not a happy book: a complicated book. But people are complicated, I guess. I am so happy so much of the time that I am always caught up short when I realize that other people aren't. Are most people unhappy? I don't know. I'm blessed that I'm not in that group.

I'm reading a lot more now that I've quit that stupid Castleville game. Honestly, I can be so ridiculous I can't explain it. My next leap is back to writing. I'm so close I can taste it...

More later...

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  1. >>I'm reading a lot more now that I've quit that stupid Castleville game.

    I get that. I used to "invest" three hours a day watching soaps till the Lord convicted me to stop wasting His time in my life. I was amazed at how much more time I had! And boy, did He allow me to fill it with far more satisfying things! I'll never get those thousands of hours back, but I'll always have the wisdom that came from the fruit of quitting.