Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Cracked!!!

I couldn't take it anymore! I just drank an entire quart of orange juice and it was heaven!!! Today was day six of subsisting on rice and prunes (until the oj the only thing I'd eaten today was a small bowl of brown rice). I was eating NOTHING because after you eat prunes and rice for six days you'd rather be hungry than eat more of them! And for some reason, I was drinking very little as well. So I'm a bit dehydrated, which is another reason I dove in (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!). I was going to add citrus tomorrow, so I went to the store, got four tangerines and a half gallon of juice (fresh squeezed! all Florida oranges!!) and could not wait.

I have had a reduction in symptoms, definitely. Tonight I walked down a flight of stairs like a normal person -- I haven't been able to do that in months (I just shuffle down, moving one foot down, then the other foot to the same step). So -- yes. I think my RA is affected/triggered by foods. Now I just have to figure out what foods! Citrus is kind of dangerous to begin with, because it's a likely trigger, but I wanted it SO MUCH. I am trusting in my Florida roots to keep me safe.

The other likely foods on my list are: wheat (as you know), corn, oats, tomatoes (eek!), potatoes (eek again!!), and nuts. And possibly chocolate. There are a lot of other foods on the list, but I don't eat them (dairy products are the number one suspect, for instance). SO -- we shall see.

I read an interesting article in Time magazine about the most religious states in America. Nothing very surprising; the top five are Mississippi, Utah, Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The least religious states are Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Alaska. Obviously the religious states are conservative politically and the least religious states are not (except for Alaska -- but its pioneering existence may have a lot to do with that). As our country drifts away from God it gets more liberal -- that has been easy to see for a long time. So many of our policies go directly against God's word.


Not going to write about politics, really, but I just get sad sometimes when I think of where we ought to be and where we are. And how God judges nations that turn away from Him. He always has and He always will. We are asking for it.

Just finished reading Forks Over Knives edited by Gene Stone. The dvd is better, but the recipes look excellent (I've tried a couple). I think you have a pretty good shot when you collect recipes from a number of sources -- they all want to give you their best suggestions. I'm going to dive into this book when I get home.

I was wondering what to read next when I decided to give into temptation and read Emma, by Jane Austen. Emma was the first Austen book I ever read -- I was relatively young -- and I didn't get it, I am ashamed to say. Now I pick it up and am just enthralled and delighted from the very first page. I just love this book so much!

My class was teasing me on Monday for ridiculous rewards if they all passed their clinical exam today. I was ignoring them and one of them said, "Cake! If we all pass the test we should have cake!" I told them that if they passed I would buy them cake. So I had to go to the store tonight and buy a cream cheese cake and a chocolate cake (most of them wanted chocolate but some of them can't eat it; these are small-ish cakes and will serve eight). So I have these cakes sitting in my car and somehow I have to resist them. ;)

I told Ed tonight that I wanted to go out, get a HUGE bowl of pasta and LOTS of garlic bread, then just buy a can of chocolate frosting and eat it with a spoon!!! In comparison, a quart (okay, now it's a quart-and-a-half) of oj doesn't seem so bad!

I'm off to read.

More later...

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