Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kael Again?!?!?

Kael has been delivered to his parents. All fingers and toes were intact (my basic goal is to return him in the same shape in which they dropped him off) and he did NOT want to go home, which simultaneously makes me glad (that he likes spending time here) and sad (because I don't like leaving him unhappy).

Here are a few shots from yesterday (yes, he's had a hair cut). Click on them to get a larger image:

The Kael Car is fun -- but even MORE fun is pushing Daddy on the car (I was thinking the other day that Kael is getting too big for the car -- if Alex can ride it, I guess Kael's got a while to go yet!)...

We went into the backyard where I learned that hammock diving is an aerobic activity. Kael likes JUMPING in a hammock. He has done this with me in the hammock, too, and I kind of make sure nobody ends up flipping upside down. But he was making me seasick yesterday so I got out and had to hold the end of the hammock to make sure he was at least relatively safe. Then he discovered that it was a lot of fun to just lie on his back and let me rock the hammock back and forth ("Faster, Nana, faster!") while he hung on for dear life. That's where the aerobic part comes in. I was huffing and puffing after doing this for a while! This picture is very deceptive: he looks calm and laid back. He was neither of those things. ;)

Finally -- back inside. He asked me to write my name on the board. He then erased it and wrote "Nana" perfectly. I wanted a picture, but he grabbed the eraser and the evidence was gone before I could turn the darn thing on. He then wrote it again, not quite as perfectly (although he was a little put out when I intimated that it was not, in fact, 100% correct).

Are you tired of Kael shots? I know I've kind of gone overboard lately. I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever, though, so I was wallowing in Kael-ness. I'm cooking in a little while so it'll be back to food pictures soon enough!

More later...

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