Friday, March 2, 2012

Musical Genius

Kael is spending the night so Alex and Alisha can go out to dinner with friends and pretend to be carefree grownups. He turned on my keyboard and said, "Come on, Nana. Play 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'! You can do it!" ("You can do it" is his second most common expression, although it is a distant second to "I can do it!")

So I walked over and tried to pick out a few notes. "No, no, Nana!" he admonished. And he looked at me, sang "Old MacDonald had a farm" and then reached over, placed his left hand on the keyboard and played (perfectly, with three fingers) "E-I-E-I-O." How did he know how to do that? I think he is a musical genius.

(Seriously. How did he know how to do that? There is no musical instrument in his home.)

Tornado warning until midnight here. There are warnings across a broad swath of the country tonight -- there have already been tornadoes in southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois, northern Alabama, southeastern Tennessee. It's going to be a wicked evening.

More later...

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