Thursday, March 1, 2012


I love postcards. If I collect anything besides books, it's probably that. One of my 101 goals in 1001 days is to receive ten postcards via Postcrossing.

Postcrossing is this cool site where you send a postcard and receive one. It's a random thing -- the person you send one to and the person who sends one to you. When you request an address so you can send a postcard you are given a code. You write this code on your postcard and the recipient goes to Postcrossing and enters the code so they know you did what you were supposed to do. Your name then gets put into the queue to get a postcard from someone else. Sounds perfect for me, doesn't it?

In the beginning you can send as many as five cards at a time (later you can send more, but I haven't looked into the rules for that). When I was in Florida I bought a postcard of some dolphins and requested an address. It was for Daria, a woman who lives in Moscow. I was so excited -- I wrote the postcard (not an easy thing to do when you have so little space and don't know the person!) then went online to see how much it would cost to mail it ($1.05). Here was the thing, though -- a postcard sent to Russia cannot be larger than 4 1/4" x 6" and this was one of those large postcards -- above the limit. I went to five drug stores and they each only had the big cards. SO -- I ordered postcards from Amazon -- some with Renoir paintings on them and some with birds on them.

They came in the mail yesterday, so I addressed Daria's and while I was at it I decided to send out four more. In addition to Daria (who is getting a very racy card showing the painting "Bather Arranging Her Hair"), I am sending a card to Megan in Waldorf, Maryland, Sabine in Waldorf, Germany, Mirjam in Nieuwe-Tonge, Netherlands, and Nie in Shanghai, China. Cool, yes?

On each card I wrote something like "Greetings from Prattville, Alabama, United States." I also said that I prayed the card would find them well and happy and I said "God bless you!" on each one. Pretty tepid, I know. You don't have much room to write, though, and I couldn't go into a deep theological monologue. So...maybe I will come up with something better in the future. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears! And check out Postcrossing if you like to get postcards from around the world!

More later...

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