Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday morning I had a physical therapy appointment at 9:00. They call it "pre-hab" -- exercising muscles prior to surgery. I had to do a series of exercises and stretches -- maybe about nine? -- I have a sheet of paper somewhere, but I'm too sore to find it -- and do each exercise for four minutes. In case you are wondering, four minutes can be a very long time.

They evaluated me ahead of time. I'm not entirely sure what the results showed, but he said that my right leg is "sixteen degrees off of straight" (I can't straighten my right leg -- I can still straighten the left one) and he said I'm "strong" (which I knew -- my legs have always been strong, even with -- and maybe partly because of -- my bad knees).

Since I'm "strong" (I put it in quotes because it IS a relative thing), he made me do most of the exercises with ankle weights. One or two of them were not bad, but most of them were VERY tiring after four minutes. The worst -- by far -- was the hamstring stretch. I saw stars during that one. I sat on the edge of a padded table with my left foot on the floor and my right leg stretched out in front of me. I had to reach down to my right foot and pull back on the toes. I can do this -- but try holding this stretch for four minutes -- it's TORTURE! I cheated a few times on this one because it was just ridiculous.

After the torture was over, I went over to a padded table (with nice pillows), had my legs elevated on a big foam cushion, and received "cooling and stim." They stuck electrodes all around my knee and stimulated it with an electrical current. Sort of a buzzy feeling -- not great, not terrible. They wrapped everything in a cold gel wrap. They wanted to have me lie there for fifteen minutes, but I was late for watching Kael and quit after five.

I dragged my leg out of there -- I was really pooped. But by the afternoon, my knee was feeling GREAT. I have no idea why, but there you go.

Kael -- my darling, beautiful Kael -- was simply wonderful. He is just such a joy to spend time with and it is such a delight to see the world through his eyes. Alisha was getting her hair cut and she arrived looking chic and lovely, joined us for lunch, and then went to Target to buy some shorts so she doesn't have to suffer through our Alabama summer in jeans.

By the time they left -- 3:30 or so -- I was exhausted. I cheated for dinner and just made sloppy joes, so I rested for a bit and then had ladies' Bible study last night.

Irene has been diligent and faithful and scrupulous with giving me feedback on Caroline. Irene -- I have not even looked at your first email about Google. I just have not had time. BUT -- I've saved it and will go over everything you've suggested. Please know that I really appreciate it and want you to be as picky as you can be. Your suggestions are perfect. I will begin working on it again for certain this coming week.

Today is a gorgeous day; yesterday was, too, but it was actually very cool. I'd planned to put the swimming pool out for Kael but the high temperature was only about 70 and the water is so cold that it wasn't a good plan. He played with the hose anyway, and had a blast (kids and water: perfect combination). Today it will get into the upper 70s and if I can tear myself away from the ball game I'm going to lie out there for my customary twenty minutes.

And -- yes, I am SORE today. I don't even know if my knee hurts because the muscles in my leg are so achy. I'm not going to exercise today, but I'll do 'em all over again tomorrow!

More later...

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  1. Here you are in real pain while I bemoan the disappearance of the Dispatch. I can still add to it, it is just invisible to the public. :-(
    Is there a ".blog"? I think our ".com" was hijacked.
    The doc told me I need shots in my knee. I am putting it off. The grindy sound it makes as I descend stairs is entertaining. Besides, it only hurts sometimes.