Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Life!

I've been a hermit for a week or so. Well -- not a hermit, exactly -- I see Bruce every day and Alex and Kael visited on Saturday -- but I have not been my usual out-and-about self. On the one hand I don't really mind this (I am turning into my mother). On the other hand...I need to get some work done (I am turning into my mother).

After a civilized period of waking up this morning (I'm awake -- I just mean that without a deadline I have a morning routine that is the opposite of rushed and focused) I am going to get to work. I've had this new laptop for a while now, but my old laptop still contains a number of can't-live-without items that need to be brought on over so that it can be completely cleaned up and handed over to Bruce. I also need to start working on Caroline again.

I've decided not to even pretend to be able to do things in the mornings anymore. It just hurts too much. I can probably handle going to the grocery store because I can lean on a cart while I'm there, but that's it. I'm very annoyed that I won't be having the surgery for another seven weeks (I should have a new knee by this time, seven weeks from now), but it is what it is. Grumble, grumble. I'm going to try exercising again today -- carefully. And if one of them hurts my back I'm going to stop IMMEDIATELY. (Maybe I HAVE learned my lesson!!!)

Bruce went to Publix for me yesterday; I told him that if he got a few things I would make spaghetti for supper.

"What few things?" he asked.

Oh, I dunno -- I never use a recipe when I make spaghetti. I just throw in whatever's lying around. I had a huge onion and some garlic, so maybe a green bell pepper, maybe a red one, some mushrooms, a zucchini or an eggplant -- whatever looks good.

Bruce brought home a beautiful red bell pepper. And a green one. He got the "Baby Bella" 'shrooms (which I don't like because they're sliced -- I like to clean my mushrooms myself; I don't think a factory worker is going to do it to my standards -- although I trust them to clean my lettuce, so there's no consistency with me). And...he got a cucumber. Not a zucchini.

What sealed his fate? "Don't put this in your blog," he begged.

Yeah, right. ;)

He'd also bought some fresh spinach, so we added a few handfuls of that. It was pretty good sauce, if I do say so myself.

I'm still reading Eating Animals, although I don't know why. It's so depressing I can't tell you. From the health consequences of feeding animals a constant diet of antibiotics to the environmental disaster of so much animal waste that the only way to get rid of it is to just pollute the ground (the resulting fines are cheaper than handling waste the "right" way), it's just one indictment against factory farming after another. The food industry has SO MUCH POWER that they essentially write the laws. In the book The China Study Dr. Campbell devotes an entire section to the subject of "Why Haven't I Heard This Before?" The answer is clear: the food industry has completely and utterly co-opted the health industry and nutritional guidelines are written to encourage people to eat more animal products, not to eat more healthfully. You only have to look at the foods that we subsidize to understand that. Prices of animal products are so heavily subsidized by the government that they have remained essentially unchanged for decades. Nobody subsidizes the broccoli farmer (which I might argue is a good thing, but you get my drift).

Anyway, if you want to understand what you're doing with your food choices, I really do recommend this book. However, if you want to keep eating meat, don't read it. It has DEFINITELY scared me straight back onto the plant-based bandwagon.

Speaking of that, kind of...I think I'm going to go zap a Mighty Muffin.

More later...

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