Monday, June 4, 2012

Fake Sandwiches

I had said I wasn't going to post anything about my weight until I was down 50 pounds, but I'm making an exception. My lowest point ever was when I had lost 43 pounds -- that was last summer, before the wedding. A whole host of factors -- Bruce starting to eat this way (meaning I was cooking more), the stress of getting ready for the wedding, travel, etc., etc., etc. -- contributed to me not only stopping losing weight but gaining some back. Not all of it, of course -- not even a lot of it -- but I was bouncing around in the mid-to-upper 30s for a while. I stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down 42 -- almost the lowest I've ever been.

This is kind of funny because, as you know, I do NOTHING all day. I sit. And then I sit some more. And I sleep. You would think I'd be gaining weight right now, but there you go. My guess is that I haven't had much of an appetite lately and that's just kept the weight moving down. I have had moments when I cheat (Wendy's mac-and-cheese is from the devil), but mostly I don't go out and my house is almost 100% "legal" (I have some foods like little bags of Famous Amos cookies for Kael that are not plant-based, but they don't usually tempt me) so it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

So -- yay. I'm thankful for small favors (and to be honest, this feels BIG, not small!).

Yesterday Bruce and I made a couple of really good recipes. The first was a mayo substitute: tofu cashew mayonnaise. I was always a Miracle Whip girl; Bruce preferred mayonnaise -- but I can doctor mayo to taste more Miracle-Whippy (and I don't hate mayo anyway -- I just prefer the tangy zip of Miracle Whip ;). To me this tastes like a low-fat mayo. Whips up in just a couple of minutes, too. You can buy Nayonnaise or Veganaise, but they're hard for me to find. Veganaise is very high fat, too -- the first ingredient is canola oil. Anyway -- this was really easy to make in my Vitamix and all the ingredients are easy to get, so there you go. I'm thinking of making a potato salad with this later in the week.

What we used it for yesterday, though, was as an ingredient in "mock tuna salad." I've seen these recipes for mock tuna salad for a long time and always suspected that the only way they could taste like tuna salad was to someone who had not had the real thing in decades. But -- I wanted to give it a try. One of the things that I miss eating is sandwiches. We eat veggie subs and PB&J and I could put hummus in a wrap (although I never do), but I like sitting down with a good ol' sammich. So we made "Mock Tuna Salad" yesterday. The link has three recipes -- we did the one with chickpeas. Mine looks just like hers -- so you can see that it kind of LOOKS like tuna salad (it's the middle picture, which I think looks most "real"). I think if you were wanting tuna salad you might be disappointed, but I was THRILLED. I thought it was really yummy. I topped mine with more relish to give it more of that Miracle Whip taste; Bruce ate it as it came. We both liked it a lot. I had it for lunch and then I had it again for supper. I'm going to have it for lunch again today. I love it. Incidentally, since I am not a raw onion lover and since the scallions Publix sells lately have been HUGE (what's up with that?), I only added one to the recipe and I chopped it super fine. Otherwise, though, I followed the recipe exactly.

Okay -- I'm hungry so I'm going to go HAVE A SANDWICH!!!

More later...

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