Friday, June 1, 2012

Kick the Dog

I made the no-meatballs yesterday and they held together just fine. I also made the chocolate chunk cherry muffins and they are amazing. I was too tired to make spaghetti sauce, though, so for dinner Bruce took some of the no-meatballs and sauce from a jar and made a no-meatball hoagie. Tonight I'll actually make spaghetti.

The muffins are too good for words. I used a chocolate bar that I roughly chopped, so there are some big, melty chunks of really dark chocolate, which I love. I used whole wheat pastry flour and it's okay -- but the spelt flour is better. It is going to be my go-to flour for whole grain baking.

I've been in a terrible mood lately and I feel awful about it. I'm so ungracious that I'm ashamed. Here are some of the things that have been making me angry (and all of this is on Facebook)...

First, I have a lot of friends who homeschool. Now -- I am not against homeschooling. I wish I had homeschooled Alex and I hope that Alisha homeschools Kael, at least for kindergarten. But some of my homeschool friends seem to think that no one has interesting conversations, no one reads interesting books, no one does ANYTHING interesting unless you are homeschooled. It's very arrogant and off-putting. Lately it's been like fingernails on a blackboard to me.

I am friends with a family -- siblings and the parents. They are all the time writing about something strange and then adding, "I love my family." Like they are the only family in existence that does these quirky things. They are NOT. EVERY family has its little eccentricities. They rub theirs in the faces of their Facebook friends and it's driving me crazy.

I have a pastor friend on Facebook who is a really great guy -- I like him a ton. He posts these things, though, and then leaves the scene. People post all kinds of ridiculous comments and I get sucked in and he never comes back (he would agree with me, but he just leaves me to twist in the wind). It irks me.

Please note: while the homeschoolers and my all-caught-up-in-themselves friends have their own set of issues, the fact that I let it bother me is MY failing. MY sin. I've semi-solved the issue by hiding the friends, except for the youngest child who seems less enamored of the whole my-family-is-so-special-ness than the rest of them. Oh, and the father. He's fine. But out of sight, out of irritation range.

The homeschoolers are a different story. I haven't hidden them because they don't necessarily post this kind of thing a ton -- it's mostly their homeschooling friends. I should ignore them, but I don't. When they write, "Sounds like a typical conversation in a homeschooling family!" I'll comment "Sounds like a typical conversation at my house!" in response. Which I should not do. If they want to think they're superior to everyone because they homeschool, well, it's not my job to bring them down to reality. Even if I want it to be.

I'm hiding my pastor friend. Seems the only way to avoid being sucked in. I'm weak. If he wants to let erroneous doctrine go unchecked on his wall, well, it's his wall. Not mine.

There are times when I should live on a deserted island because I am not fit to be around decent folk. I hate it when I'm like this. I need to pray more when I get this way; it's probably hard to pray and be nasty at the same time.

More later...

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