Friday, September 14, 2012

Paterson lies in the valley under the Passaic Falls
its spent waters forming the outline of his back. He
lies on his right side, head near the thunder
of the waters filling his dreams! Eternally asleep,
his dreams walk about the city where he persists
incognito. Butterflies settle on his stone ear.
Immortal he neither moves nor rouses and is seldom
seen, though he breathes and the subtleties of his machinations
drawing their substance from the noise of the pouring river
animate a thousand automations. 
--William Carlos Williams

Someone posted a Facebook status about hating New Jersey. It made me nostalgic for the early years of our marriage (we spent the first two years in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey). New Jersey has its good points and its bad -- but there's no reason to hate it.

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