Monday, September 17, 2012

Since my surgery I've been eating horribly. Part of this is because it's easy -- Bruce can go to a drive-through and bring home dinner. But most of it is wallowing -- since a mean man attacked my knee I deserve to eat whatever I want. My weight has not suffered, probably because my appetite remains somewhat depressed. Yesterday for Alisha's birthday Bruce handed me a very small piece of cake. I teasingly complained that I got such a small piece -- but then I couldn't even finish it! But still -- I want to eat in a healthy way and it makes me feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually when I eat that way. So today I climbed back onto the wagon and I'm awfully happy about it. B'fast was oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of brown sugar. Lunch was a frozen Amy's (vegan) enchilada. And I actually cooked dinner -- made one of our favorites, Chili Mac ( ). (I very much recommend this -- it's super fast and easy and really, really tasty. I would serve it to non-plant eaters without hesitation.) My snacks have been a peach and some homemade no-added-fat granola. So -- good, healthy day. :)

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