Sunday, October 7, 2012

I got brave last week. There is something wrong with my right shoulder (and my left shoulder is mighty creaky, too). I self-diagnosed it as a torn rotator cuff; the physical therapists I've had agree with me, but nobody really knows. If it IS a torn rotator cuff the surgery is not bad (outpatient), but the rehab is a bear. The thirty physical therapy appointments that I had with both knees will probably be used up on one shoulder. It's long and it's painful; people have generously told me their horror stories. But -- I can't (won't) go through the rest of my life without full use of my right arm. I can't (for example) get laundry out of the washing machine with my right arm (I have a front loader and I cannot reach into it without GREAT pain). I can't sit on the couch and put my drink on the table to my right because I can't reach it without pain. And so on. I've adapted -- I get the laundry out with my left arm and I put my drink on the coffee table in front of me -- but I don't want to live that way (and I'm afraid my left shoulder will go and then what will I do?). But I just could not call the doctor. I am so tired of medical nonsense and rehab and hospitals and being jabbed with needles that I couldn't bring myself to call him to even get my problem properly diagnosed.

But I called last week and I have an appointment a week from tomorrow. I'll let you know what he says.

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