Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There will always be an England...or so the song promises.

I don't know when my love affair with England began -- or why, what prompted it. I remember going to Epcot and spending time in the United Kingdom area -- just drooling over the things they sold in the stores there. And that was thirty or so years ago.

Since then my love affair has not diminished. If I could go on a dream vacation, it would be to England. I would spend a good, solid month in London, soaking up as much of the history as I could, and then I'd like to rent a car and travel up through the Lake District. I'd like to go across to Yorkshire, south to Dorset and the Isle of Wight and swing over to the east and see the White Cliffs of Dover.

I know that England has lots of problems. LOTS of problems. Not the least of which is a serious immigration issue -- they rely on Muslim immigrants to pay for a lot of their social programs. Sharia law is practiced (legally or not) in sections of London. Things like that always made me think I'd never want to live there.

But you know what? I have given up on America. I think we are, quite literally, doomed. The last election showed that the majority of the voting public thinks that spending money like a drunken sailor is just fine with them -- and I think a lot of voters on the right feel the same way. We can't keep doing it -- the math is going to catch up with us -- so I don't care anymore. No one wants to be the grownup. Cut HER benefits, not mine. Folks on the right say they want a smaller government but say something like, "Let's get rid of the mortgage interest deduction" and all hell breaks loose. People want all gain, no pain. We've had that for too long. We're doomed. Or our kids are doomed, and that's worse.

The unemployment rate on inauguration day 2013 was 7.8% -- same as it was on inauguration day 2009. Big difference, though: in the intervening four years another six trillion was added to the national debt. We can't even imagine a trillion and we got -- literally -- nothing for it. Drunken sailors, all of 'em. All of us.

So if I'm going to live in a fading democracy, I might as well do it in England. Oh, I know -- I may never even vacation there, much less live there. But I do dream about it.

(Had to stick this one in here.)

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