Sunday, March 9, 2014

Okay, this is a sort of housekeeping entry. I got a Fitbit Flex on Monday afternoon and I wore it Tuesday through Saturday without doing anything different in my life, just to get a baseline activity level. I know I've been really sedentary and this little gizmo is going to help me change that, I hope. I took 2187 steps on Tuesday, 1666 on Wednesday, 1527 on Thursday, 2694 on Friday, and 2818 on Saturday. My goal eventually is to log 10,000 steps per day, but I'm going to get there incrementally.

Everyone has a different stride, but on average you can say that 2000 steps equals a mile (I think my stride is a little shorter, but distance isn't critical here -- movement is). Based on what I've done so far I'm going to set my first goal at 3000 steps/day. I want to do this for two weeks and then I'll up the goal to either 3500 or 4000 steps, depending on what I've been doing.

I have an accountability partner, so there are rules for this. If I do 3000 steps a day that's 21000 steps a week. My rule is that I have to hit 21000, but I have a little flexibility in how I get there. I have to do a minimum of 2000 steps on any given day to make it count, but if I'm short of 3000 one day I can make it up the next. This is to allow for those days when I have some sort of project or activity (or maybe I don't feel well) -- I want to be able to have a little down time without blowing my program. This probably won't come into play much at this level, but once I get up to 7000, 8000 steps it will be more important. (My minimum will be higher then, too.)

If I hit 21000 steps for the week without ever doing less than 2000 steps on any given day I will have achieved my goal. That's worth 20 points. Once I hit 100 points I get a reward. Right now the reward I want is a different color band (I want all the colors, of course!). In the picture at the top you can see four colors: mint green (they call it teal), reddish orange (they call it tangerine), dark gray (slate), and black. I have the teal and the tangerine -- they came in a three-pack along with navy (the navy is so dark that it looks black unless you're holding it against something black). I also have a violet band (very pink-y). The bands are a soft, flexible rubber. They hold the actual tracker -- it slips in and out of the band in just a second, so you move it to whatever color band you want.

There are four colors sold on the Fitbit web site that I don't have: a very BRIGHT pink, lime green, the slate, and the black. And on Amazon I found a company that makes the bands in blue and white, which I definitely want (I'm getting those first, just in case they stop making them!). Tory Burch also has a deal to come out with some designs for the Fitbit Flex this spring, so I'll be all over that (although they'll be much more expensive, so I'll have to save up points to get one).

If I don't meet my goal for a week or if I go below 2000 steps any day I lose 10 points. (I lose 10 points for every day I go below 2000 steps and another 10 if I don't hit the weekly goal.) So being a slug will quickly wipe out any points that I've managed to accumulate.

Eventually I want to incorporate other things into the program -- weight training, maybe sleep and diet, too. But we'll see. Right now I want to focus on one thing -- moving.

More later...

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