Saturday, September 23, 2017

I deactivated my Facebook account.

It wasn't one thing -- it was a thousand one things. Here's my theory:

Before Facebook you might work next to someone day in, day out for a decade and never know how completely ignorant they were with regard to environmental issues. Or Obamacare. Or junk science. And so on.

But on Facebook, you even get to interact with complete strangers who comment on your comments and you find yourself in a twisted spiral of annoyance that is way out of proportion to what the issue deserves.

I'm an addict ("Hi, Sharon"), so while I want this to last I know better than to count on it. But I didn't just close the browser and remove the app from my phone like I usually do. Unfortunately I can reactivate my account in about three minutes, but still -- the gesture seems meaningful somehow.

More later...

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